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Join Unloc and be part of revolutionizing the way people access and manage keys!


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Back End Developer


Lotte Gjørsvik

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Join Unloc and be part of revolutionizing the way people access and manage keys! We envision a world where physical keys are a thing of the past. Unloc is on a mission to collect your keychain and provide a seamless digital key experience through our mobile app. We aim to be like Vipps for keys, performing everyday magic for tens of thousands of people.

Your responsibilities

As a Backend Developer at Unloc, you will play a crucial role in further developing our Google Cloud-based platform. Your responsibilities will include system architecture, database modeling, and security assessments. You will also have the opportunity to facilitate our customers in building their own solutions on top of our APIs.

Additionally, you will explore and implement technical integrations with third-party providers of electronic locks and locking systems. With a focus on scaling, security, user-friendliness, performance, and cost considerations, you will contribute to building a platform with endless possibilities that serves customers across various industries.

What’s the thing with Unloc?


Unloc is about opening doors with mobile keys, and we have a unique approach that sets us apart from others in the industry. Unlike our competitors who often start with creating locks and then develop the app and software later, we don’t have any hardware we call our own. Our strategy is to integrate our software with existing hardware providers.

We are "API first" and encourage customers to integrate Unloc seamlessly into their products. One great product built on top of the Unloc Platform is "OBOS key". Through “Obos Key” housing cooperative residents can enjoy the convenience of mobile keys, managed inside OBOS’s own software.

A part of our ecosystem is the Unloc Control Center. For customers that don’t want to integrate, the web interface enables key management directly in the browser.The Unloc Doorbell feature is another innovation in progress, enabling visitors to call on residents by scanning a QR code outside the gates, and then letting the resident remote open the door . Additionally, we have a trial with Oda too.

You have the key; Open new doors; Better together

Unloc consists of 21 people, fostering a culture of freedom with responsibility. You will have the opportunity to experiment, take ownership, and contribute to the decision-making process. We trust our team members and empower them to solve problems in their own creative ways. We celebrate achievements through monthly value awards and organize social events through our culture squad.

In addition to a competitive salary, we offer investment opportunities and options in the company. Our benefits package includes standard 5 weeks of vacation, free lunch and more. You will be provided with all the necessary equipment to excel in your role, and we of course give each employee their own lock for home use.

Who are we looking for?

We are seeking a candidate with expertise in backend development, but there is room to expand your skills and contribute to other areas of our technology stack. DevOps and security interests would be valuable, and frontend experience is also beneficial.

At Unloc, we value professional skills, flexibility, and proficiency over years of experience or specific technologies. Our diverse team challenges each other to build the best solutions for our customers.

We seek self-driven individuals who can write robust code, appreciate the craftsmanship of software development, and deliver high-quality services. The ideal candidate has a holistic perspective, technical knowledge, and adapts pragmatically to solve problems.


You should be eager to learn, take ownership, collaborate effectively, and handle responsibilities from analysis to implementation. Unloc is an equal opportunity employer, welcoming applications from all qualified individuals, regardless of prior technology experience.

Technologies being used

Node.js + Typescript; Google Cloud Platform; Cloud Functions; Cloud Run; Cloud Pub/Sub; Firestore; BigQuery; React with Chakra UI; Docker; Auth0; Twilio; Cloudflare

What’s next?

If you want to apply for this role, please do so by attaching your CV. If you would like more info prior to deciding if this is of interest or not, simply get in touch with our recruitment partner, Lotte Gjørsvik, in AvantGarde Search (lotte@avantgardesearch.no / +47 467 73 573). She can forward you a lot more information about the role.

Join Unloc and be part of a startup where your ideas are valued, processes move fast, and you have the freedom to make a difference. Embrace the opportunity to work with talented individuals, tackle exciting challenges, and shape the future of key management.We look forward to hearing from you!

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