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Embedded Software Engineer | Disruptive Technologies | Oslo or Trondheim

Come develop the most reliable and scalable sensor connectivity solution!

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Are you an Embedded Software Engineer who does not shy away from diving into unexplored technological territories? Can you see yourself as an integral part of a true powerhouse of innovation and performance? Do you thrive in an environment where you can test new technologies and make an impact in relation to technologies being used?

If the answer is yes, then we would very much like to hear from you. We have a detailed prospect with more information about the position, the role and the process that we will happily send to you. All 100% confidential of course. We are looking for candidates both in Oslo and Trondheim.

At Disruptive Technologies we create a radically simple and secure sensor solution that delivers useful insights to customers, enabling more sustainable, safe and efficient operations. The technology we put into use is founded upon cross-disciplinary expertise from dozens of industries. To turn our innovative vision to reality and deliver value to all operations, we look for individuals who are ambitious and willing to learn. We value collaboration & exploration, speed & accountability.

“Sense the real world everywhere, deliver insights anywhere”

Arbeidssted: Oslo eller Trondheim

Søknadsfrist: Snarest

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The position

You will be part of Disruptive Technologies’ connectivity team, a team that is responsible for the communication from the sensor to the cloud. This involves being responsible for developing and maintaining the Cloud Connector, the product that communicates with the sensor over a proprietary radio interface and relays the data to the cloud over a cellular or Ethernet connection. The Cloud Connector runs a Linux-based operating system.

We are now looking for someone to join us in continuing to develop the most reliable and scalable sensor connectivity solution. We simply need more hands on deck in what will be an innovative role with few constraints.

“We make sure the sensor messages make it to our cloud services.”

In this position you will have the opportunity to work with all these different aspects of the technology stack. We are continuously learning and like to retain a start-up feel where we always seek new solutions and better ways of doing things.

Specific tasks and responsibilities:

  • Design, implement & maintain the Cloud Connector’s application and communication stacks (towards sensor and cloud).
  • Set up and manage Cellular connectivity solutions.
  • Design, implement & maintain the Cloud Connector’s operating system.
  • Assist in device manufacturing and testing.
  • Design, implement & maintain cloud software components.
  • Troubleshoot issues like outages, 2nd line support issues, etc.
  • Specify new product versions and revisions.

Technologies being used

  • Yocto for building custom Cloud Connector OS (Device tree customization, U-boot BSP, Linux kernel understanding is good-to-have)
  • Golang for the main Cloud Connector app and various cloud services
  • Everything around cellular modems (ModemManager, NetworkManager, AT commands, ...)
  • Mender for device fleet updates
  • Posix shell scripting / Python for various automation
  • Bitbucket pipelines for CI/CD
  • Docker / Kubernetes / Terraform for various cloud services & infrastructure
  • C for radio and sensor firmware
  • Prometheus for monitoring
  • BigQuery (+ generic SQL)

Who are we looking for?

Ideally you have a MSc or BSc in computer science or a related field, but we are also open to self-taught developers with some years of experience. Your main field of expertise comes from within Embedded Development, but we also hope you have experience from, or knowledge of, cloud computing. It would be a great benefit if you have experience from some of the technologies mentioned above, in particular Yocto, Golang and cellular modems. You love tech and developing on the cutting edge in a team environment. You are self-driven and a highly ambitious engineer.

What can we offer you?

First and foremost, we like to think it is our technology, focus on disruption and innovation as well as our “can-do” attitude towards the impossible that will make you want to consider working with us.

Other positive aspects of working at Disruptive Technologies includes:

  • Great international interest in our products and solutions.
  • “Wow” factor technology and solutions and a wide scope in relation to services
  • Winner of numerous awards.
  • Working on a wide spectrum – We have our own integrated circuit.
  • An innovative and flat environment where there is freedom to impact what technologies are being used and work on technology that is of interest to you.
  • Working with the best of the best makes Disruptive Technologies an excellent place for learning and development, also outside your area of specialization.
  • Monthly hack-days.
  • Opportunity to work from home when needed.
  • Close to public transport (2 min walk).
  • Exposure to other cloud technologies which our clients use e.g AWS, Azure and more.

What’s next?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to learn more about Disruptive Technologies and the position. If you would like a full prospect prior to deciding if this is of interest or not, please contact our recruitment partners in AvantGarde Search, Lotte Gjørsvik or Ole Foss. Alternatively feel free to apply right away. At this stage we only require a copy of your CV or link to your detailed LinkedIn profile.

Lotte: +47 467 73 573 / [email protected] | Ole: +47 478 95 488 / [email protected]

Welcome to Disruptive Technologies!

Skill | Simplicity | Sustainability | Sincerity

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About Disruptive Technologies.

Disruptive Technologies is the developer of the world’s smallest commercial-grade wireless sensors and a rapidly growing innovator in the IoT market. The Internet-of-Things promised a self-sufficient world of interconnectedness, but the technology was expensive, cumbersome and limited. It also came with a range of new privacy and security concerns, hindering adoption. In 2013, we saw this as an opportunity for a major constructive disruption. We created a system of small, efficient, powerful and adaptable sensors to reach an ever greater number of operational components. We also made data encryption a core priority.Our sensing solution based on these tiny sensors simplifies data collection and delivers the data securely to our own dashboard (DT Studio) or our partners' analytics programs in the cloud. Our technology enables sensor solutions for smart buildings, facilities management, workplace, manufacturing & warehousing, cold storage and substations. Finally, safe, cost efficient and sustainable operations allow people to truly unload the ordinary for more rewarding pursuits. From predictive maintenance to energy efficiency and sustainability, we’re connecting people and information to deliver Connected Change.

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