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Join the vertical farming revolution! Open position - ONNA

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Do you want to be a key employee on a young and nimble team on the verge of an epic agtech adventure? Are you a plant scientist, agronomist, agtech champion or cultivation specialists? Are you passionate about the future of food production? Look no further. ONNA is challenging today’s food systems by democratizing how we grow vegetables. Our goal is to make healthy produce accessible to all.

Arbeidssted: Oslo

Søknadsfrist: Snarest

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Our mission:

ONNA is on a mission to build a more sustainable and transparent food system. Our vertical farms and controlled environment technology will reduce the environmental burden and negative externalities of food production. In parallel, we seek to increase Nordic food independence in the face of climate change - and disrupt global food production.

Put shortly, vertical farming is an extremely efficient cultivation technology for lettuces and herbs. By growing plants inside, in a fully controlled environment, you can optimize for the ideal combination of climate, lights, nutrition and water. Without using pesticides or other pesky chemicals. Our farms are stacked vertically, ensuring a much greater yield per area and the opportunity to produce food closer to urban centers. As a result, ONNA facilitates the consumption of locally produced, nutritious vegetables while simultaneously reducing food waste through the supply chain.

Your mission:

ONNA’s production and operations team will (amongst other) consist of materials procurement, quality control, cultivation management and production control. In addition, we are establishing a dedicated plant science operations team, which will work closely with the production team to integrate new cultivars and optimize production parameters. In other words, you would be responsible for getting ONNA’s products into the hands and mouths of Norwegian consumers, whilst ensuring that those products live up to ONNA’s commitments to quality, safety, variety and continuous improvement.

We are looking for someone who is excited about getting in early: ONNA closed off a high energy fundraiser last fall (NOK 50m) and is now building the first largescale vertical farm in Norway. We are aiming to start production in Q3/4 2021 and will expand through the Nordics in the years to come.

We are looking to fill several specialized roles in the next 6-12 months, to build the strongest possible team consisting of committed and passionate plant scientists, agronomists, agtech champions and cultivation specialists. So, if you fall into one of these categories, we urge you to reach out!


We are doing something that has never been done before in Norway, and as a result we are weighting mindset and personality equally to previous experience. This is a great opportunity to assume responsibility and grow within the company quickly. As we say at ONNA: The only way is up!

  • You have 2+ years of experience in a plant science, agriculture, agtech or other relevant field.
  • You have genuine interest and passion for the world of sustainable agriculture.
  • You appreciate the complexity of working with living products (plants). You are keenly aware of the interconnected nature of yield, quality, and operational efficiency that is a sophisticated dance for indoor farms.
  • You have strong organizational skills and are a strong team player.
  • You have full professional proficiency in Norwegian and English, with excellent communication skills
  • You are not scared of thinking differently. You see opportunities, where others might see challenges.
  • ONNA’s mission genuinely excites you. You want to work on something meaningful that is aligned with your values.

What we offer:

  • Professional challenges within a high growth technology company.
  • A great team of inspired and excited colleagues.
  • Significant room for professional growth and the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility and ownership.
  • Convenient location in Oslo.
  • Competitive salary.

Our values:

  • ONNA is a company for the future.
  • We are ambassadors for change.
  • Rebellious acts inspire us.
  • We work TOGETHER.
  • Our products are extremely local – and that is our strength.
  • We help people make educated choices.
  • We believe, to the very core of our being, in a more sustainable tomorrow.

Next steps:

This is a full-time position, and ONNA is ready for the right candidate to start in Q3 2021.

Please send cover letter and CV to [email protected]

Seeing as this is an open application, we will evaluate candidates and fill roles on a continuous basis. There is no hard deadline for your application.

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