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Senior front-end developer

Ardoq is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Norway and has expanded internationally to London, New York, and Copenhagen. Our Graph platform enables our customers to map dependencies across strategic objectives, projects, applications, processes, and people, allowing them to assess the impact of change and make better and faster decisions.

Our company is growing rapidly, and we’re looking for candidates to help scale our engineering team.

Ardoq's engineering team is a tight-knit group of highly skilled people who like solving challenging problems, value rapid feedback, continuous delivery, and automation of repetitive tasks. We maintain a high iteration speed through a focus on code quality and incremental change, not artificial deadlines. We believe working closely together and supporting each other is important if we are to achieve a common goal.

Who we’re looking for

We’re looking for motivated, driven and quality focused software engineers. You should have a learning and sharing mindset. That is, wanting to learn new things and being open and sharing your knowledge. You should enjoy collaborating across the organization. We are fast moving, and as the company develops we implement our lessons learned and adapt to change. You should be proactive, take ownership and have the grit to follow through.

We believe in finding people with the right qualities and skills rather than finding a person with the right degree. A BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering or related subject is always good but it’s not a prerequisite.

You should have a good knowledge of web technologies and a passion for building beautiful web apps with stellar user experience. You should have experience with the JavaScript universe and building large single page applications (SPA). Our main framework is React, so it’s good if you know this from before.

We think it’s a plus if you consider yourself a full stack developer and don't mind getting your hands dirty. Since JavaScript/TypeScript and Clojure (back-end) are quite different, we don’t expect you to be an expert in both, but it is good to have an understanding of the other side.


You’ll be an integral part of the engineering team. This means both greenfield feature development, maintaining existing functionality, wrangling with old code, solving bugs, working on performance and focusing on continuous quality improvement. There’s also the possibility of helping on cloud infrastructure, automation and developer tooling if you want.

What we can offer you

You’ll be part of a high growth and innovative company with international ambitions.

Ardoq’s values are Bold, Caring and Driven. Living by these values is part of what makes Ardoq a great place to work. We make bold decisions that push the product, ourselves and our customers forward. We voice our opinions, have difficult conversations, disagree, and change as we learn. We take care of both our colleagues and our customers and empathize with the challenges they face every day. Our best work is done in an environment of mutual trust and support. We share knowledge and value diversity. We are proactive and volunteer our best effort every day. If we see a problem, we fix a problem.

If you identify with this, we can offer you a really great place to work.

Work language

English & JavaScript/TypeScript

Department Engineering

Locations Oslo

Remote status Hybrid Remote

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