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Software Developers (Backend, fullstack & SysOps) - TOMRA - Asker

We are looking for developers wanting to be a part of making solutions that will save our planet!

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish (by weight). 1 million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, and it is estimated there will be an increase of 20% in the demand of plastic bottles by 2021. Through companies taking their share in environmental actions we can all contribute to helping to save our future and slow down plastic consumption.

This is at the heart of Tomra and that is why we need visionary developers to join our team. A team that develops the next generation of digital services for Tomra reverse vending machines helping the world to recycle. Tomra digital team are building apps and services based on real time data from 60.000 reverse vending machines, located all over the globe. We develop innovative solutions for internal users, customers and end users of reverse vending machines.

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Let us tell you more about the positions we are hiring for

At Tomra the developers work with what they love, and you will have the opportunity to work within either backend, fullstack or SysOps. Or perhaps a bit of all?

As a developer you will have responsibility for the product lifecycle from design and implementation to operations. We also motivate and expect you to be involved in establishing the long-range technical strategy as well as building, maintaining and constantly innovating a state-of-the-art digital product, offering a global production infrastructure. We also strive to have a high degree of automation and continuous delivery in our services; therefore, you will automate and improve our deployment, monitoring and operational systems to maintain a fast and reliable release rhythm. In other words; you will be a part of forward leaning modern technology.

Technology and platforms

AWS cloud platform. Kubernetes. Serverless. Microservice architecture. DevOps & Continous Delivery. Infrastructure as code. Modern + Functional Java. Typescript. React. Relational and NoSQL databases. Gitlab. Datadog. Terraform. Sentry.

More information about the specific positions


Responsible for the design and implementation of services in our cloud-based platform. This includes handling message flow from the reverse vending machines to the backend services, data persistence and an API layer that is consumed by different components, while also taking scalability and visibility into consideration.


As a SysOps developer you will be responsible for the long-range strategy as well as building, maintaining and constantly innovating a state-of-the-art and global production infrastructure. You will automate and improve our deployment, monitoring and operational systems to maintain a fast and reliable release rhythm. You will deploy through Gitlab onto Managed Kubernetes services, optimize message flow and fanout to applications, and working on improving platform scalability and cost.

Why choose Tomra?

We like to see ourselves as environmental gamechangers and as a developer you will be an integral part in developing solutions that better our planet.

You will be able to be playful and have fun and we highly encourage our developers to try out new things like technologies and ideas.

Some other things to mention:

  • Market leader
  • Working with a circular economy where good technical solutions make a difference
  • Focus on functional programming
  • Social focus among staff
  • Modern and newly refurbished offices
  • Competitive pay, good pension and insurance packages
  • Participation in relevant training courses and seminars

Who are we looking for?

A social person and a contributor. You love to sit down talking tech over a cup of coffee and like to work in agile teams. We are also looking for a visionary developer who has the skills to clear out blockers and get things done. It is also important that you have experience as a developer, but we are open to speaking to and hiring developers at different seniority levels.

Technical skills

It is important that as a backend developer you are familiar with Java, together with some Node as well. It is also a plus if you have experience with cloud technology, but that is not a must. Some experience with Gitlab and Gitlab CI is also good. The most important thing is that you are used to working with modern technology. It is also beneficial if you have experience with Terraform and infrastructure as code.

Next step

Our recruitment partner, Patrick Thomassen Engen in AvantGarde Search has a detailed prospect he happily will send to you. You can contact Patrick on LinkedIn, tlf: +47 46 61 46 37 or on mail: [email protected]

Alternatively feel free to apply already now and upload your CV.

Candidate applications will be assessed promptly upon receipt, so it is a good idea to apply or take contact early. All applicants will receive individual respons to their application.

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