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Join our market development team in relation building, market analysis, and market piloting to determine optimal market entries in new markets globally!

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Stillingstittel Analytical Market Developer


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Join our market development team in relation building, market analysis, and market piloting to determine optimal market entries in new markets globally. You will contribute to the whole process from onboarding first customers to establishing business units in selected markets.

The position requires exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to follow unexplored paths. You must tackle the unforeseen and in a structured way process much information and juggle many projects simultaneously. You will be given a great deal of responsibility and must be able to make decisions - sometimes based on scarce information.

We are now expanding in North America, Spain and France. Candidates with cultural background and network from these areas are of particular interest. The position will be based in Oslo.

Extensive travel activities must be expected

Key Responsibilities

  • Build a network of important contacts in relevant markets (farmers, farmers associations and networks, agriculture consultants, etc.)
  • Ensure compliance with national regulations, certifications and customs.
  • Secure onboarding and customer support in early stage
  • Create and translate local marketing material
  • Coordinate and facilitate ambassador programs, user forums and other relevant communitiesIdentify and contact potential customers
  • Market-, customer and user analysis
  • Budget, reports and dashboards
  • Handle inbound inquiries from customers
  • Coordinate with Marketing to create awareness of Nofence in selected markets

General responsibilities

  • First point of contact with early customers and ensure an excellent customer journey
  • Assist in preparing selected pilot countries for commercialization
  • Assist in developing a streamlined Market Entry Model
  • Assist Market Development Manager with practical project work
  • Support Sales & Marketing with facts and figures
  • Develop methodology for data based decision making
  • Create structure and links between CRM data and actions

Experience and qualifications

  • Master of Science in business and/or agronomy
  • 2+ year experience in business development/sales/marketing and/or agricultural background
  • Fluent in English and preferably either French or Spanish
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Cultural understanding and International experience is prefered
  • A keen interest in agriculture, technology and improving the world's food production
  • Self driven, ambitious, and able to work independently
  • Market and/or agricultural background
  • Analytical skills, with brilliant MS Excel competence
  • Experience with CRM systems, preferably Hubspot

About Nofence

Nofence is proud to have built the world’s first virtual fence for livestock. Our product represents the beginning of a tremendous shift in farming towards a sustainable future for agriculture. Our solution is a patented IoT product (a collar for livestock) that delivers a great, and highly practical, value proposition to farmers. The collars are connected devices for grazing animals that replace fencing. The main feature is that the product gives livestock better access to pasture. We already have a good and competitive product, but there is still an endless road of opportunities to develop the perfect livestock solution. We need skilled and dedicated employees that enable our vision of becoming the obvious choice for livestock farmers all over the world. We are now aiming to strengthen our team in Norway. Make an impact and join us in creating technology that make a positive difference for animals, farmers and the environment.

Our culture

As a company still in our early stages our way of working is continuously evolving, and you will have the opportunity to make an impact on how we do things. We are passionate about product development, animal welfare and sustainable agriculture. As our colleague you will be part of an exciting company with enormous ambitions for international growth.

Make an impact

At Nofence, you will use your skills to create a positive difference. Not just for animals and farmers, but for the environment. We believe in the potential of sustainable agriculture, and genuinely think our grazing technology can be the biggest technological change in agriculture since the tractor.

Working together

We strongly believe in a Hybrid Workstyle, mixing the best of two worlds. Work together with your colleagues face to face in real life, but also connect and work remote.

Combining the best technology and workstyle, bringing people together in hackathons and project workshops (not only team building exercises), we will bring our HQ, new hubs and remote workers together in One Team.

Our market development hub is located in Oslo where this position is located. The HQ is in Batnfjordsøra close to Molde, Norway.

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Additional information

Remote status - Hybrid remote

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